PetSmart Charities® Helps Find Somebunny Love

Rescue group helps rabbits with PetSmart Charities® grant


PetSmart Charities bunny grants 2The municipal animal shelter in Denver, Colorado, is sometimes a land-locked Noah’s Ark. Aside from the expected dog and cat rescues, they’ve had turtles, snakes, goats, chickens, pot-bellied pigs, sheep—“And bunnies,” says Georgia Cameron of Life Is Better Rescue in Lakewood, Colorado. “Lots of rabbits, especially after Easter.”


Georgia started Life Is Better with Amy Stefonick in 2010 after working with an animal rescue group focused on German Shepherds, but they wanted to expand to include all breeds—and species. “Our motto is ‘Danes to Dachshunds, goats to guinea pigs.’” And, of course, the occasional rabbit.




Bun-bun 101

“People sometimes get rabbits for their kids around Easter, but rabbits need more than a cardboard box and carrots,” Georgia says. She advises potential bunny parents to research the various breeds; decide whether the rabbit will live primarily outdoors or indoors (rabbits can be litter box trained), and get proper housing and food. “And of course, make sure they’re spayed or neutered,” Georgia says.


In Denver, people are allowed to have chickens, ducks, and rabbits, as long as they have a license. Unfortunately, owners sometimes surrender the animals rather than pay a fee or a fine. That’s when Life Is Better Rescue has to step in.


PetSmart Charities bunny grantsBunny money

When Georgia got a call about six rabbits facing euthanasia at the shelter if they weren’t rescued and adopted, she realized she needed help. “I didn’t have experience with rabbits until we started rescuing them,” she says. “We needed proper food and hutches to keep them in. That’s when we applied to PetSmart Charities for a grant.”


With the grant money they received from PetSmart Charities, Georgia and Amy were able to care for the rabbits properly while researching adoption situations. Some of the bun-buns were adopted by families, and others went to Project: Thrive, a compassion organization. “They have a farm where they teach children about animal ownership and husbandry, about being kind and respectful toward our fellow creatures,” says Georgia. “They took our farm animal rescues, and they incorporated the rabbits into their barn. That was a cool outcome. And that happened because we were able to take the rabbits in the first place, thanks to the PetSmart Charities grant.” A happy ending to this (cotton) tale…


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