Sebastian County Humane Society Offers Free Spay/Neuter

Community spay/neuter surgeries made possible thanks to a $56,000 grant from PetSmart Charities.


With the help of this donation, Sebastian County Humane Society hopes to help reduce pet homelessness in its' local community. The funds helped cover free spay/neuter surgeries for 625 cats, as well as 600 dogs.

In 2017, Sebastian County Humane Society received a grant which allowed it to spay and neuter a total of 600 animals. The expanded spay and neuter grant opportunity offered in 2018 helps the organization reach its' goals of decreasing the number of stray animals in the community.

About Sebastian County Humane Society

Established in 1937, Sebastian County Humane Society has provided care for unwanted animals for over 79 years. They promote the notion that human and animal life are interdependent and that all animals, have needs and rights; most importantly, the right to not be abused but rather experience love and respect.

Since 2013, Sebastian County Humane Society has adopted out more than 2,000 cats and over 4,800 dogs into loving homes.


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