Super Adoption Event Brings Local Shelters Together to Save Lives

adoptionSince 2009, Jenny’s Hope has helped local shelters raise awareness for rescue pets through their annual Super Pet Adoption event.

This event gives local shelters a way to come together for a common cause — helping animals find forever homes. The Super Pet Adoption event gives adoptable pets a chance to shine in a fun outdoor event, away from a shelter environment where potential adoptive families see how wonderful rescue animals really are.

Store leaders from the Kennewick PetSmart store reached out to PetSmart Charities about an opportunity to support this great local adoption event. With help from a $3,638 grant, Jenny’s Hope lead another successful event, with a total of 53 pets adopted.   

About Jenny’s Hope

Jenny’s Hope is a registered 501(c)3 organization founded in 2009 to help the local shelters and rescues who were doing such amazing work helping animals. Jenny, a rescued pup, is the inspiration behind the events. Rescued when she was approximately 7 months old, Jenny was found pregnant and malnourished. She was abused by her owners and tied to a chain. Today, Jenny is doing extremely well, living a happy and healthy life in her forever home. In an effort to ensure all pets live healthy, happy lives, Jenny’s Hope was founded to help all abandoned and neglected animals find their forever home.


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