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Where do I start with Gus's story? Probably at Pet Smart 8 years ago when I was at an adoption event and made an inquiry to the rescue there that day about younger bigger dogs they might have available. They said they did not but would keep an eye open for me. The very next day I got a call and a text with a picture of Gus telling me the dog had just fallen into their laps that day and if I was interested to come to Pet Smart and meet him. I met her in the parking lot and found a stressed out dog that didn't know what was happening to him. After hearing about him being abandoned in this very Pet Smart not once but two times my heart told me why he was so stressed out and there was no question he was coming home with me. 8 years later Gus still does not go into Pet Smart with me and suffers still from an abusive early start in life but he is the most loving and grateful dog that is loyal above no other. He's a big dog and unfortunately riddled with cancer now so we don't expect to have him around much longer but can say without a doubt it's been a great 8 years with him and the best buy I ever made at Pet Smart!!