Gus-Rags to Riches

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Our family adopted Gus on February 14, 2016. He was approximately 2 years old, and we were told there wasn't much history on this dog, only that he had been bounced around in "no kill" shelters. We adopted him as a friend for our other dog, Kona. When we got him home, we was frightened of everything, TV, the cat, loud sounds and running water. It took a few months of patience, love and his friend Kona staying by his side. Kona even had to show Gus how to use a dog door. After a couple months, he seemed to realize he was home. Gus weighs 115 pounds. He enjoys hikes in the Utah mountains once a week, dog camp twice a month, swimming in the lake, huge beef bones on movie night and sleeping on his daddy. He can't be apart from his friend Kona or the family for very long---actually we can't be separated from him either. He was the best Valentine gift I ever received.
Love this dog!