I’m a dog trapped in a cats body

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Lisa & Steve

Hi my name is Simon I was found as a stray in bad shape when I was rescued. I was in vested with fleas and worms I was covered in bald spots due to a condition called alopecia stress makes my fur fall out I had scarring on my neck and an ulcer in my eye wich was treated successfully. And I wasn’t neutered. On July 18 2018 faith brought me to my forever home . My parents lost there last fur baby 2 years ago his name was buster he was 15 years old he passed at home in my mommy’s arms . That’s why my parents changed my name to simon .

My parents wanteted to own a dog but becuse they work a lot and travel during the summer months in our motor home and we also live in an apartment they decided to get a large cat breed so their new baby could travel and walk on a leash with a litter box always on hand .. after a lot of research my parent decided a Bengal cat would be the best choice .becuse there personalities are like dogs.

On July 18th my mom was at pet smart getting pet supplies for my grandmother while she was there she came over to visit the adoption center . A nice volunteer named Ruth was Playing with me and taking to my mom . My mom was telling Ruth she was waiting for a Bengal breeder to call her back so they could get a kitten . My mom saw me playing and comented to Ruth how stupidly cute I was with all my bald spots . Ruth asked my mom if she wanted to hold me of coarse my mom said yes I was so gental and laid back for a stray my mom asked Ruth is I was declawed becuse I never extracted my nails once . Ruth told my mom I had my claws my mom was amazed by my personality and asked more about me . She told her my Kenan history and explained my bald spots are from a condition called alopecia. My mom told Ruth she is an alopecia speclist and owns a wig salon and it didn’t matter to her if my fur never grew back .. my mom put me down and said to Ruth let’s see if he comes to me when I call him what’s his name ? Ruth replied buster my mom replied you have to be kidding Buster was the name of her last fur baby . My mom sat on the bench and called buster come here . I ran over and jumped into my moms lap . That was it she called my dad face time and told him all about me and asked if she could bring me home . My dad said yes we were a perfect match . I didn’t go home right away becuse my mom asked her Client if he could wait 1 hr so she could adopt me so we went to work I was so comfortable I sat on my moms clients lap while she did his hair after 1 hr I got to meet my new dad I checked out my new home I found a spot under the couch my parents called me and I came out right away I was so happy I ran to my mom and needed on her then ran to my dad and needed on him I think I ran back and forth about 10 times I was so happy to have a forever home .. after 3 weeks in my new home my parents had to go out of town for 2 nights and my grandmother took care of me I was so sad I thought they left me that when they returned home I had more bald spots . Ever since that day my parents take me with them when traveling I like car rides and walking on a leash I have a litter box in the car which I have used while my dad drives I l very calm and laid back I’m not scared of dogs cats people nothing really bothers me . I don’t have anymore bald spots and my fur is still growing I’m very soft and fluffy and I don’t shed at all I have claws and no how to use them but I never use them on people or the funrnature I only claw my scratch post . It turns out I’m no where near 2 years old I’m only a very large kitten . I am showing %90 characteristics of one of the largest cats breeds the mane coon . My parents think a breeder abandoned me becuse I had alopecia it will take at least another 3 to 4 years unit Im fully develop if I am a pure mane coon until then I’m living the life full of unconditional love my personality is so unique it doesn’t matter to my parents what my breed is I’m here to stay forever .

If it wasn’t for pets smarts adoption centres who knows where I would be today .