Lily's Happily Ever After

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infinite WOOFS Animal Rescue Society
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Hi, it's me, Lily, the rescue cat! It's still hard to believe all that happened in just one year. Just over a year ago I was in terrible shape. Not long before, I'd been attacked by a coyote and brutally injured, then in my attempt to get to safety, was hit by a car. The pain was excruciating! But at the same time, I couldn't feel the lower half of my body. It was dark and cold and I was really scared! Was I going to die? I really didn't want to die!

Somehow I mustered up the strength and dragged myself to a nearby home. The people there took me in and wrapped me up in a pillowcase. They didn't know what to do for me so they called the cat 911, Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society. A really nice lady named Ali drove from Edmonton, to the community where I was outside of the city, to pick me up. I knew I was in bad shape when I saw the tears in her eyes when she looked at me. The kind lady put me in the passenger seat of her car and drove me into Edmonton to the doctor. All the way there, as broken as I was, I just kept purring! Because of my sweet disposition and my pretty face, Ali named me Sweet Lily.

When we got to the doctor, I still couldn't feel the lower half of my body, but the rest of me hurt something terrible! They ran a bunch of tests on me, even took some pictures called X-rays and found out that I had a broken pelvis, broken leg, and on top of that the infection from the bite wound was wreaking havoc on my little body. There was even a lot of fluid inside me, they were worried that my internal organs were failing. I heard the doctor say they might have to amputate my leg. I was so scared but felt so much love, kindness and support around me, I knew I just had to survive. I felt like there was some special purpose for me, I had to fight to live!

The next few weeks are a bit of a blur for me, probably because I was on a lot of medication and sometimes they would inject something into my arm and I would fall asleep. Then I would wake up having had some operation! One time I woke up and half the fur on my body had been shaved! I guess they had to do that to operate on me. I had so many tests, even something called an ultrasound. And then when they took more x-rays on me, I saw the pictures and thought to myself, am I a bionic cat? I could see 6 metal pins inside me! I'd been through a lot! I remember at one of the doctors, there was a really nice lady named Jennifer. She would spend extra time with me, petting and cuddling with me. She always made me feel better!

I had somehow survived! Many said it was a miracle! But I still couldn't walk. Thankfully, they were able to save my leg but I still couldn't do anything with it. Both of my back legs were completely immobile. Infinite Woofs then sent me to what they call a foster home. A lovely lady named Mary and her hubby took great care of me! For a while I had to stay in a wire crate so I couldn't hurt myself. There were other cats in the house, they were very nice. Sometimes I would talk to them and I felt like they were watching over me. Then I got to start something called physio! That was really hard but I knew it would help, at least I hoped it would help me get the use of my legs again. And little by little, I regained my strength and miraculously, I started to walk!

Each day I got stronger and healthier thanks to the kindness of everyone at Infinite Woofs who helped me along the way. Then one day I got great news! The doctor said I was cleared for adoption! Adoption? I didn't know what that was, but everyone around me was so happy about it that I thought surely this must be something great!

Next thing I knew, I was being taken to this big building called PetSmart! It was enormous! I was taken into a back room where there were a lot of kennels and a bunch of other cats. It looked like they were all sitting around waiting for something to happen. It was a Friday night, I remember it like it was yesterday. It had been over two and a half months since I had been so horribly injured. I was placed into a kennel that evening, the staff at the PetSmart were very nice and checked on me many times, gave me some food and water and a clean litter box, a soft pink bed and some toys. A while later, they dimmed the lights, said good night to me and the other cats and closed up for the night.

I was confused again, where was I now? And what was going to happen? Some of the other cats beside me were sleeping, but a big boy cat beside me was quite chatty.

"Where are we?" I asked him. "What are we doing here?"

"We're waiting for adoption" he said. "I hear it's wonderful!"

"Do you really believe in it? Is there really life after adoption?" I asked him worriedly.

"Of course there is life after adoption! You just have to believe, you have to have faith" he said.

"How do you know for sure? Has anyone ever come back and told you about life after adoption?" I asked.

"No of course not" he said, "because life after adoption is so amazing, no one comes back. We get to find our forever homes and live happily ever after".

"I hope you're right" I said, as I drifted off to sleep.

The next day, lots of people walked by our kennels and looked through the glass at us. The nice workers came and visited us, gave us some pets and food, but I was still worried. Was there really life after adoption? I just needed one more miracle, I felt bad even praying for another one after all the miracles I'd already experienced. And then something amazing happened!....

That afternoon, I was having a little nap when I opened my eyes I saw a lady looking at me through the glass. There was something in her eyes, is she an angel I wondered? She had the PetSmart staff bring her into the back room, she opened up my cage and lifted me into her arms. There was only one word that came to mind! Mom!!! While the lady held me tightly, I nuzzled my head under her chin and started purring. A lot of great people had helped me along the way, but I knew there was something special about this one. I listened to her story that she shared with the nice girl working in the PetSmart. She told her that just 24 days before, her precious cat Hanna had passed away. Her eyes filled with tears as she told the story, it looks like I wasn't the only one needing some healing. It was like our souls were mirrors.

My Mom filled out a bunch of papers, and I patiently waited for her while she picked up some more supplies for me. She still had lots of things at home but wanted to buy me some new stuff. And that evening, I spent my first night in my forever home! From the moment I got home, I checked out every inch of the place, but mostly clung to Mom like velcro. I was so happy! And I could see that Mom was happy too! It had been a big day for both of us and at bedtime, I curled up beside Mom in the warm comfy bed. And as I placed my paw beside her face, I knew I was home. Forever home.

In the weeks that followed, Mom and I grew a really close bond that gets stronger every day. Mom decided for all that Infinite Woofs had done for me, she wanted to give back. So she decided to volunteer! My Mom is now a spokesperson for the rescue, she does weekly videos of other animals like me looking to find their own happy ending of life after adoption. Mom says she found her purpose thanks to me. So I guess looking back on that terrible night, when I was dragging my lifeless body to try and get help, I knew there was a special purpose for me. And I guess that purpose was to find my Mom! So that we could both try and help others pets like me find their miracle, their happy ending!

It's been one heck of a year since my rescue! Thanks to everyone at Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society and to PetSmart Charities for giving me a chance to find my forever home! You've changed many lives.....mine, Mom's, and the animals we try and help along the way!

Much love,
Lily (and Loreli)