Marley Success Story!

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Marley was adopted in Texas from the Gulf Coast Humane Society in 2016 at around 2 years old. He had recently completed his heartworm treatment. He is a cheerful pup and a blessing to our home in San Diego, California. His name was Buster but after the first week in his new home in Texas , Marley seemed most fitting.! He had a field day one day with chicken left unattended on the table his first week and relieved himself all over daddy's flight uniform for the Navy! Marley was inspired from the movie Marley and Me.

His dad returned to his hometown of San Diego, Ca and Marley loves it!

Everyone loves Marley!

He is now a healthy pup in a loving home and we're so thankful for the organizations that help the paw pals find new homes!

Thank you for all that you do.


Connie Gallegos