Milo & Me

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Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Inc.
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A y ear and a half ago, I was in search to find a forever best friend. I went to every shelter in my area and every dog I wanted to interact with or potentially adopt had already found their forever homes. I knew I couldn't give up, because the perfect dog was out there for me. Then, one Sunday I headed to a different city and I had a feeling that today was going to be that day. When I arrived at the shelter I played with several dogs, but none seemed to fit the requirements of apartment living, as I turned ready to leave, I saw a little blonde dog with a wagging tail walk through the lobby, I quickly asked if he was up for adoption, because I had discovered his picture on the website the day before. They said he was and that he had actually just been returned after being adopted the day before. It was fate that the two of us were brought together and if there is such a thing as dog and people soul mates, we fit that category. Milo was sick when I first got him, but after the help of my parents we were able to get Milo to be his completely crazy, loveable, cuddly self. Milo has saved my life in more ways then one and I am forever grateful for his love everyday. It's also amazing that he knows I saved his life and how much unconditional love he has for me. I would not trade him for anything in this world.