My Loving Cat Monkey

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Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue, Inc
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I always loved animals and I jumped at the chance to adopt a kitten. She was 4 weeks old and so tiny and very good snd loving so I at the time called her baby. When it wad time to spade her I brought her to my vet. I just got home and he called me to please come back to his office as he was opening her cage to bring her out, she escaped and was climbing up on his file cabinets, his wall shelves then finally ran under his desk and was hissing at him. I got there, picked her up handed her to him and from then on she was called monkey! She is the best cat ever and when i brought other kittens in, she was the mom and taught them. Shes 27 years old now, has her own bedroom, wont let any other cat in there as its her room. She has the tv on and loves to watch sponge bob all day even when shes sleeping. When she wonders out of her room she just does it to see whats going on and goes back to her room. Shes very easy going but she can be stubborn..she likes can friskies and hard food but mostly friskies treasures no pate. She will be stubborn and not eat any pate or seafood. She still plays with her cat toys.whrn she gets mad she takes her cat food dish and dumps it over then she meows really loud like ok im better now come clean it up! At night I make sure she had plenty of food out for her. She usually sleeps well unless she has a wet accident or she ate all the food then with a certain meow tone, you know shes calling you. Shes so sweet I just love her so much!