My trip to pets mart for dog vitamin s but came home with a dog trip....

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Animal Ark Rescue, Inc
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I intended on a quick run in and out trip to pets mart, which never happens...(that store is awesone) lol.. but on that day animal ark rescue was set up with the dogs up for adoption. And of course me being me..i had to look. I swore to myself i was only "looking". i walked past the cute furry puppys and the dogs that everyone else was awwwing over. I seen her, the girl that no one else seemed to notice .. I felt right then a weight lifted from my heart and its like i heard her telling me,"hey mommy im here!", because for me, it was for sure love at first sight . She had been there at the rescue for about 3 years adopted/fostered out twice before me..from what i was told.. .and i will never understand how anyone could ever or would ever want to let her go! She is my shadow and my best friend. I feelas though, her and i have alot in common..we have both been hurt, a abandoned, looked over and went un noticed( i was healing from a 9 year relationship break up and was an emotional wreck).. and we both have loving hearts desperate for a friend to call our own.. someone who won't ever walk out the door ,and to never be seen or heard from again.. i am her forever friend and mom. A nd she is my best friend And an amazing companion. She has helped my heart heal more then any human could even come close to doing. Just by listening to me, a d giving me those amazing hugs she gives. Each day im greeted with one , as i walk through my front door , getting in fron work...she is so delighted to see me , a d wags that little nub of a tail! I feel loved and needed and i feel important..i spoil her like crazy and will never ever ever let her down as her owner, but because ive promised her life long friendship and love. Im so glad i went fo pets mart that day. GoD knew what he was doing when he put her in my path. Thank you for the amazing things you do for our community's animals. We are blessed to have such a loving and generous company thats giving back to its customers and community.