Noche adopted from Second Chance Animal Rescue Villalba PR

Adoption State or Region: 
Puerto Rico
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In 2010 on our 1st volunteer trip back to Second Chance Animal Rescue we met a young black Lab/Dane mix named Noche, who had recently been saved off the streets of Puerto Rico, after she had been hit by a car & left for dead. Noche had an injured leg that required a Femur-Hip Operation. We sponsored her surgery & brought her home with us to rehab her injury. She was a beautiful, bouncing 3 month old puppy. She was lucky to have been rescued by Bonnie Lukas, the founder of Second Chance Animal Rescue & we were lucky to have loved her. She was an innocent, deserving & would have otherwise died a slow, agonizing, painful death alone without Bonnie Lukas.