The Kitties of Motor City

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rock Star Couple Starts Detroit-Area Cat Rescue

Motor Kitty Rescue

Wes Borland and Carré Callaway are the founders of Motor Kitty Rescue, a Detroit-based organization aimed to rescue, foster, and adopt cats in need across the Motor City. You may recognize their names from rock groups Limp Bizkit and Queen Kwong, respectively, but their latest project is far from the stage or studio.

A West-Coast Beginning

baby kittens“We ended up bottle feeding three baby kittens and it was this really overwhelming, nail-biting experience,” said Wes on his first experience with fostering kittens in his former home of Los Angeles. “Carré had done it before but I never had, and I flipped out a little at first because I felt responsible and worried for their safety.”

He and Carré volunteered with a local animal rescue group and discovered quickly the astounding demand for help for cats in need. That was when they had their eureka moment: “You know what, if we don’t do this, no one else will.”

A Rock Star Named Boba

Wes and Carré, now married, left Los Angeles in 2016 and moved to Detroit. Their love and dedication to cats followed them to the Midwest. The demand for fostering cats in LA was high, but they found the issue with strays in Detroit was especially concerning.

Motor Kitty Rescue“We wanted to continue helping local rescues when we moved to Detroit,” said Carré. “We immediately realized that there was a huge stray problem here.”

They brought cats into their house, fostered them and helped find forever homes, but one cat in particular would become the face of Motor Kitty Rescue and change everything. Wes and Carré found Boba and his five siblings after following their stray nursing mother to her litter. This would normally be just another rescue, but there was something special about Boba. The middle digits on his front paws were missing, creating the universal hand gesture for “rock out.”

“At first I was concerned,” said Wes. Carré chimed in, “We didn’t really know what the deal was. We felt his paws and he was totally fine. We took him to the vet to get it checked out and the vet said he had never seen anything like it, but there was no concern. It was a birth defect, not an injury.”

Today, Boba isn’t just the Motor Kitty Rescue mascot. He’s an irreplaceable part of the family.

A Place to Call Kitty Home

Motor Kitty Rescue is currently stationed in Wes and Carré’s home in Detroit, where they are personally fostering cats, but the couple is looking for a more permanent solution.

“Considering we’re both traveling musicians, we’re trying to find a better way these cats can be cared for, have a good life, and a good environment,” said Carré. “We want to find those special kind of people who will adopt these cats.”

Motor Kitty Rescue is in the process of securing its 501(c)(3) to become a fully recognized nonprofit organization, and Wes and Carré have big plans for its future. They’re currently looking for a new 3,000-square-foot home for Motor Kitty Rescue with high ceilings for a cat wonderland and even a cat café.

“We cant to have a café people can come to and interact with cats everywhere,” said Carré. “Wes and I went to Japan and we were really inspired by a lot of the design there and that they have its cat cafés in Tokyo.”

A Need for Helping Hands

Wes, Carré and Motor Kitty Rescue are making a positive impact for cats in Detroit but still need help with both supplies and volunteers. Detroit locals can help clean and socialize with foster kittens, and everyone else can visit to learn how they can contribute. As for Wes and Carré, they’re currently very much hands-on with rescuing the kitties of the Motor City and working towards a successful adoption center.


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