How to Get Your Dog Ready for the Back-to-School Routine

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

family dogAugust is already here, which means parents are celebrating sending their kids to school again. But while back-to-school season might mean more free time for you, it can be hard on your dog.

During the summer, your pooch might get used to lazy days in the sun. The family probably sleeps in a little, the children are home to play and he may have free rein of the house. Once the first day of school arrives, that all ends.

That change can be a shock to your dog’s system. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. By preparing in advance for the first day, you can ease your dog into the transition. Here’s how:

Get him used to a new routine

One to two weeks before the start of school, introduce the morning routine to your dog. Set your alarm for earlier than usual and start breakfast. Take him for his morning walk or let him out into the yard, but only for as long as you’ll let him on a typical school day.

By experiencing the daily routine now, he can get used to it gradually while you’re still home.

Set up an exercise schedule

Your dog probably got used to playing with your kids all day. Suddenly being alone in the home, without all that activity, can cause an energetic dog to destroy your household items.

To prevent that from happening, set up an exercise schedule. Enlist the help of your children to plan morning, after school and nighttime walks or play sessions. By getting his excess energy out, he’ll be more likely to spend the day peacefully sleeping.

Practice with the crate

If you plan on crating your dog during school days, get him used to it in small doses while you’re still home. Place a fun toy like a stuffed bone in the crate, and keep him in there for short periods. He’ll get accustomed his crate and rest in it when the first day of school arrives.

Preparing for School

The back-to-school switch can be tough for a dog. But by taking steps now, you can help your dog adjust to the new schedule and have a more relaxed routine for the whole family. 


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