Skye adopted from Second Chance Animal Rescue Villalba PR

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Puerto Rico
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In 2012 on a volunteer trip to Second Chance Animal Rescue we fell in love with Skye, a distemper survivor. Skye was a spunky, playful dog with a quirky personality. Unfortunately she was continually passed up by adoptive families although she was a normal, healthy & happy dog, she did have some abnormalities from the distemper like a skull not fully developed, facial muscle tick & loss of teeth. We have been supporting Second Chance Animal Rescue for 10 years now & are heartbroken at the devastation they are experiencing from Hurricane Maria. SCAR has no power, water or communication towers. The category 4 Hurricane brought destroying winds, rain & damage to the shelter fencing & structures. They are such a deserving animal rescue charity that is in such need.