Mighty Marshall

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Stray Cat Rescue Associates of Minnesota
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The day this cat came to us the temperature was well -30 below. Temperatures unfit for man or beast! Yet two abandoned cats were left in the country where they would have certainly died. We were contacted by a woman who's son had just moved back home, the son mentioned there were two cats on the farm he shared with his friends and no one was caring for them. She agreed to pick them up and meet us. Little did we know what was in store for us! The two cats appeared very thin, little Charlotte (calico) was not yet a year. Marshall on the other hand was a mess. His badly matted fur full of weeds and sticks, ears badly infected with ear mites. We pulled Charlotte out first and began treating her to some fresh water and food. She could hardly contain herself as she ate as much as her little tummy could hold. She drank two bowls of water and still wanted more! Marshall was next. And to our horror we saw him dragging his right hind leg that appeared to be broken, the fur had worn off and infected flesh was exposed. An immediate call to our Vet was made and he was scheduled to see her the next morning. As the night dragged on Marshall's personality started to show and boy what a lover he was! Even with his leg obviously painful this endearing young male only wanted to be loved and cuddled. It was then we all realized these cats were owned and dumped in the countryside to fend for themselves!
The morning finally came and off to the Vet we went. Radiographs were done immediately showing his leg was broken in two places and it happened long ago. The only option was to remove the leg. His ears were so badly infected he had scar tissue and swelling that was affecting his hearing. That too would be addressed when he had his surgery as the ear needed scraping in order to heal properly and restore some hearing. Surgery was scheduled and soon that fateful day came as all of us wanted that dead leg he dragged around removed sooner rather than later. As the hours ticked by we sat by the phone waiting to hear the news. It seemed like eternity. The Vet called to say " he came through with flying colors! You can come tomorrow morning to pick him up! as they wanted to monitor him overnight. Waiting for him at the Vet clinic I noticed something from the corner of my eye. I turned to see our Marshall slowly walking as best he could on three legs wearing a bright blue soft collar that looked like a bib! He hobbled over to me for a some lovin and I gently picked him up. The staff cleaned up his matted fur, they deep cleaned his ears and the Dr. removed the scar tissue to restore his hearing. That rotting leg he hauled around was now gone and it didn't seem to bother him in the least! In fact he was walking better with the leg removed than having it attached! We left for home where he would begin physical therapy and prepare him for his lifelong home.
Day by day he grew stronger, putting on weight and feeling much better. We knew the day was closing in where he would be put up for adoption. All of us had grown to love this beautiful creature who had suffered unlike any cat we had taken in. We also had a vet bill we didn't budget for and decided we would raise money to pay for his surgery at the adoption event. Volunteers had little granddaughter's and a local bakery had donated a large cake so money could be raised to pay for Marshall's surgery. The girls walked around the Petsmart Store carrying plates with cake, wearing their SCRAM shirts proudly while asking customers who approached them if they would like to help Marshall! The three of them together successfully raised more than what we had hoped for! We were so proud of them for what they did for this very lucky cat! These girls all were under the age of 10 and raised over $1500 selling cake! We were so happy and so very proud of them! And the Vet bill could be paid in full!
The day Marshall was listed for adoption was both joyous yet sad. We knew it was time to say good-bye to our friend but it didn't make it any easier. After careful consideration and reviewing many applications we felt confident our decision was the right one. A very nice couple with no children wanted to adopt this special needs cat. They understood he needed time to get used to having the three legs and that never bothered them. They fell in love with him just the way he was and being they had no children they assured us he would be the focus of their affection. We said our good-byes tearfully and off they went. A week later they sent an update and said Marshall sleeps with them every night knowing he is loved, safe and cared for. They said it was discovered by his first Vet visit with their Vet that Marshall has an enlarged heart and would require a specialist at the U of M Veterinary Hospital. We asked if they wanted to return Marshall? " There is no way in the world would we ever consider that! We love him dearly just the way he is and he will receive the best medical care we can provide for him". We knew at that moment that any doubt we had was not an issue. We knew then that Marshall had found his way "home".....