Rocky really rescued me!

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I went to Paulding County Animal Shelter in 2014 in search of a playmate for my female rescue dog, Roxie. While searching for the kennel which housed the puppy I picked out online, I happened upon a very beautiful adult Sheppard mix. The "springs" in his back legs allowed him to come face to face with my six foot tall husband. He seemed to be screaming out, "Please take me home with you." Needless to say, I couldn't turn him down. As we were discussing names on the ride home, my new pup just kept staring out the windows and completely ignoring us. My husband rattled off a few names that didn't sit right with me. My turn. The instant I said he looked like a "Rocky" to me, he turned and bathed the side of my face with his large tongue. He has responded to his new name every time, without fail.

Rocky was meant to be a companion for my other rescue, but it seems he had a higher calling. I am disabled with chronic, unrelenting pain which often causes deep depression. Rocky insists on being at my side everywhere I go. He can sense when my pain gets really bad. He will get on the couch or bed with me and literally cover my body with his whopping 60+ pounds. I feel his heartbeat and body heat and my pain will start to recede. While I will never be pain free, Rocky's love works like a miracle medicine and my life is tolerable because of him. I can't imagine life without him. He even brings me out of my depression. It's more like Rocky rescued me than the other way around.

Rocky was thrown from a moving car and miraculously, he was unharmed. A good Samaritan took him to the shelter. I was told no one had shown any interest in this amazing dog. I'm grateful I saw what no one else did. I just wish there were some way I could make him understand how deep my love is for him. I love you, Rocky. Thank you for saving my life.

Rocky's furever mommy.