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Before my husband and I were engaged, I was living in an apartment by myself. I realized I wanted a pet to take running with me and to just be a part of my life. I found Maggie on an adoption website that linked me to the Heart of Louisiana Humane Society. When we went to pick her up, I immediately fell in love with her. She and I go everywhere together. She is always with me on road trips and even was there when my husband proposed. Now six months into our marriage, we realized that Maggie needed companions. We looked to our local shelter and scheduled to meet two pups. When we arrived, we couldn't decide between the two dogs, who were so different, not only in look, but also in personality. We brought Cù and Berg home and they have fit into our family perfectly. We whole-heartedly believe in adoption. The love from a pet that knows it's been rescued and the joy of seeing them happy and lively is the best gift anyone could ever receive!