Spay/Neuter Programs Solve Pet Overpopulation

It’s easy and affordable to protect your pet

Spay/neuter programs solve pet overpopulationAdopting a loving dog or cat is one great way to help homeless pets. Making sure that your new pet is spayed or neutered as soon as possible is your next step as a pet parent.

Pets can get pregnant as young as 4 months old. But research shows that dogs and cats can be safely spayed or neutered at 2 months of age or 2 pounds in weight.

You don’t want to be among the 13% of dog owners and nearly 20% of cat owners who say their pet has had one or more litters. Caring for and finding homes for those new pets is both expensive and time consuming.  

Find an affordable spay/neuter clinic

PetSmart Charities® and the ASPCA® have teamed up to connect you with low-cost spay/neuter clinics in your community. These specialized clinics will provide your pet with high-quality care at an affordable price.

We are always adding to this database, so if you don’t find any listings for your ZIP code, please check back soon. 


Spay/neuter programs save lives

PetSmart Charities invests millions of dollars each year to help communities offer spay/neuter services. To date, we’ve funded more than 2 million surgeries, preventing an estimated 7.5 homeless pets from entering shelters. A few successes include:

  • Alley Cat Advocates in Louisville, Ky., reduced stray cat intake in their initial target area by 51%.
  • Thompson River Animal Care Shelter in Montana reduced cat-related complaint calls and requests for assistance by 84%.
  • Paws-Ability in North Carolina achieved a 100% spay/neuter rate for all its known free-roaming cats.

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All pets available through PetSmart Charities Adoption Centers and events are already spayed or neutered.