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December 12, 2018
It all start went I moved to Arizonain August, 2017, to get fresh start by going to ASU. I was living their dorm and I need a little buddie so after two month living... Read more
December 8, 2018
This is our adorable Ellie! We changed her name! We adopted and rescued this little bundle of joy from an owner who didn’t give the care and love from her previous owner... Read more
December 4, 2018
Dogs have always had a special place in my heart and I was really missing my family dog at home while I was away at school. I saw Hampton’s picture online and... Read more
November 27, 2018
About 2 months before Bella came into my life, we had a little brown chihuahua, she had passed away, my husband knew that my heart was broken , one day he took me to... Read more
November 20, 2018
Visiting Pet Smart with a friend we decided to visit the Pet Smart Charities. As I stood in front of the cage housing " Ralph" are eyes met & I was in love with... Read more
November 20, 2018
I met Brody Chicago Animal Care & Control by a Rescue Group. His name prior to Brody was Fat Boy. I instantly fell in love with this big goofy dog the second he... Read more
November 19, 2018
We had an unexpected loss a few weeks ago and saw a picture of this sweetie on Facebook. We had to take her . We have afpted all of our babies so Star is no different.... Read more
November 10, 2018
We adopted our cat, Neko probably 7 years ago now. We went to look at the available cats for adoption and our local PetSmart, and as soon as we entered the room, she... Read more
November 8, 2018
When my 2 youngest children moved out of the house within weeks of each other, I was extremely sad. I also missed my daughter's dog, Minnie, who left with my daughter.... Read more
November 6, 2018
Our family adopted Gus on February 14, 2016. He was approximately 2 years old, and we were told there wasn't much history on this dog, only that he had been bounced... Read more
November 2, 2018
Knox had a rough start to his life. He was found living as a stray in Tennessee before he was brought up to the Humane Society of West Michigan to be adopted. He had... Read more
October 28, 2018
One day I decided it was time to open my heart and home to a new companion. I searched several sites and came across this sweet little face. I knew it was love at first... Read more
October 22, 2018
Dory Pearl. little baby Chi and Rat Terrier mix. They were left in the parking lot of a Dollar General store along with their Mom cramped into a wet, nasty, pet carrier... Read more
October 21, 2018
Hi my name is Simon I was found as a stray in bad shape when I was rescued. I was in vested with fleas and worms I was covered in bald spots due to a condition called... Read more
October 19, 2018
In January of 2016, I went to go get dog food for my adult dog, and there was a rescue group at the pet store. They had a ton of cute puppies available for adoption. I... Read more
October 7, 2018
We lost our beloved dog, Atti, a dashound, after having her for 15 years. We didn't want to get another dog but our lives was missing something. So I started looking... Read more
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