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My life partner & I took in Zoey. She'd been left abandoned in an extended stay hotel by her previous owner. A friend's mother worked at the hotel; they already had 4 dogs & really couldn't take care of her. They posted a message on FB looking for friends who might want to care for her.

We already had 2 other dogs & 3 cats that were "rescued" but how could we refuse...just look at that adorable face. A full blooded Boxer, she was skin & bones when we adopted her.

We've had Zoey for over 5 years. She's the most loving, playful & smartest dog I've ever had. As the picture shows I'm wheelchair bound with 3 life altering disabilities. All of our "kids" get along wonderfully. Zoey is my best friend, sleeping companion & adds an unbreakable quality of life to mine. BTW, the little Chihuahua on my tray is Maggie; another adopted pet.