Our princess

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Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Inc.
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Hilly officially became part of the family in mid December and has become the house princess. We originally was on the website looking for a kitten to adopt but for whatever reason this sweet senior kept popping up on my screen. I decided to come into the shelter to look at kittens and decided during my visit to inquire about Hilly and was advised that she had not been adopted I requested interaction time with her and she just stole my heart. We got told she was recently dropped off and separated from her brother . She was shy , scared and highly reserved with other animals and humans.
After two visits Hilly chose us and came home with us. It took about a week for Hilly to know she was in her forever home and she hasn't stopped letting her happiness shine through. Hilly is a very lovable, calm, smart, sweet cat. She is always wanting to be petted and is very curious /alert to what am doing whether it be gardening , cooking or cleaning and is like my protective shadow. She is quite talkative /expressive and is always giving me an earful when I come home then loves to bump her head against mine before curling next to me when am relaxing.