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This is our story…

We thought that when we adopted a rescue dog, we would be changing a life however,  what we didn't expect was how such an amazing animal would ultimately change ours.

We completed an online application on April 20th 2017, and immediately began receiving emails with potential dogs who would be perfect for our family. The first email featured two dogs;  this was the moment Baxter entered or lives.

Baxter was described as a, "3 month old Husky/Lab mix. [with] all the fun, qualifications that any puppy would have".

He was adorable and was exactly what we were hoping for.

We responded to the email to inquire about him, and shortly after, were contacted by Animal Rescue Front, Inc.
They were just as enthusiastic and hopeful to find Baxter a home as we were.  Animal Rescue Front, Inc.  put us in contract with the amazing staff at the Hancock Shelter in Mississippi.  

We learned that Baxter, and his brother, were left at a kill shelter; they were malnourished and in poor shape.  Both brothers had been rescued and Baxter was now being cared for at Hancock; awaiting a forever home.  

As we already have three cats, we wanted to ensure that Baxter would be comfortable with sharing both us and a home with them.
The staff at Hancock were great; they were sensitive to our concerns, and introduced Baxter to other cats, at the shelter, to encourage positive interactions. He did amazing!!!

Upon hearing this, we immediately contacted Animal Rescue Front, Inc.
 and started the processes to adopt Baxter and add him to our family.  We were thrilled to say the least. 

Exactly one month, to the day, Baxter arrived home. He was perfect. He settled right in and affirmed what we already knew; we were meant for him and he was meant for us.

We are truly grateful to both Hancock Shelter and everyone at Animal Rescue Front, Inc. who selflessly make it their conscience mission to not only save lives, but change them as well.