Patches mends my heart

Adoption State or Region: 
New York
Story Posted by Pet Parent: 

It had been about a year since my first dog passed away. I was lonely so I began visiting Helping Hounds just to see the dogs. After a few months my husband decided he was ready to get another companion. We looked at Helping Hounds next transport coming in and decided we would take the kids to visit the dogs that weekend.
There was a black dog named Patches that wouldn’t take his eyes off my husband. We took him out for a walk, but decided we weren’t ready to say yes. We went home without him to think about it some more. If he was there in a few days it was meant to be. I stopped by the shelter and visited him again, asking questions, getting to know him a little more.
We decided after a week that we should see if he would get along with our cat and 2 young children. We were allowed to take him overnight and I fell in love. It did take a little adjusting for him and the cat. He still is in the puppy stage so he does sometime chew toys that don’t belong to him. He protects my family and is a great snuggler. We’ve had Patches for seven months and I am beginning to wonder who was rescued, him or me.