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When I was 7 years old, my mom took me to Petsmart to get a new fish. We looked at the cats and this little kitten reached out of her cage and grabbed my mom's shirt. We went home with that kitten. I named her Precious. She went on vacations with us to the lake and we would meow back and forth along the way. She slept by my head every night. We played tag together and ran around the house and we were best friends. Precious survived a tornado all by herself, she moved with us into six different houses, she would chew the air when she wanted fed, she followed me everywhere, she waited up for me to go to bed every night, she loved drinking out of the sink, and her favorite spot was in my lap. She moved with me when I moved out and as she got older, she became deaf but that didn't stop me from talking to her. She learned hand signals and facial expressions from me. She would smile and she had an angry face when I'd wake her up too early. She always had to have fresh food and if she turned around after I just set it down, I would have to fake getting new food and put it back down or she wouldn't touch it. She was so spoiled and I couldn't help it! She was my baby. The last few years of her life, she developed kidney problems. She had frequent UTIs and would often dribble on my clothes or where she slept. We never got frustrated with her, but would sometimes slip a paper towel under her hind end when she slept. She developed arthritis and stopped jumping. We bought her carpeted stairs so she could climb up into our bed comfortably. Precious passed away in her sleep after some good night lovings at 20 years old. I was blessed to have grown up with her and to have had her for so long. She loved us so much and she always had a comfortable place to lay. Caring for her as she got older only brought us closer together and I loved her so much!