PetSmart Charities® Doubles Funding Commitment to $2 Million In Support Of Hurricane Harvey Rescue, Relief and Recovery Efforts

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

PetSmart Charities® Doubles Funding Commitment to $2 Million In Support

Of Hurricane Harvey Rescue, Relief and Recovery Efforts

Funds will assist animal welfare organizations working on the front lines

to help evacuated pets and pet parents in affected areas along the Gulf Coast


Sept. 5, 2017 – Phoenix, Ariz.— According to news reports, Hurricane Harvey has driven more than one million people from their homes in Texas, displacing thousands of pets in the affected areas. In response, PetSmart Charities is doubling its initial commitment of $1 million to $2 million in grants to support animal welfare organizations working on the front lines to help pets and pet parents in need.


PetSmart Charities, the leading funder of animal welfare in North America, is committed to helping pets in need and connecting pets and people, including situations of natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey. While prominent rescue organizations are focused on important human relief efforts, PetSmart Charities knows that providing assistance for pets is critical too, as many pet parents will go to great lengths to save their four-legged family members.


“As we’ve seen with natural disasters in the past, pet parents are willing to sacrifice their own well-being for their pets, even when their lives are at risk. This is a true testament to the immense power of the human-animal bond,” said David Haworth, DVM, Ph.D., president of PetSmart Charities. “With the support of our generous donors, it’s our hope that funding, food and supplies from PetSmart Charities will help provide crucial care to homeless or displaced pets with no loving family to turn to while also helping pet families get necessary veterinary care for their pets following the storm.”


Support on the Ground:

Local animal welfare organizations in Houston and beyond are working around the clock to deliver immediate assistance to pets and pet families in need to provide veterinary care, pet supplies and temporary accommodations. Grants and donations that have recently been distributed include:


·         $50,000 to Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), Inc.: To support pet parents that were forced to leave their homes, SNAP is providing immediate veterinary services to pets affected by Hurricane Harvey in evacuee centers located in Houston and San Antonio. Services include medical examinations, microchips and procedures to treat skin infections and respiratory issues common following floods.

·         $25,000 to Humane Society of Southeast Texas: Located in Beaumont, a town that experienced severe flooding and now has limited access to clean water, the Humane Society of Southeast Texas is supporting Hurricane Harvey relief efforts by providing assistance for shelter and community pets in need.

·         $25,000 to Friends of Austin Animal Center: Funds donated to the Austin Animal Shelter will be used to support up to 8,000 evacuees from Southeast Texas who are at the City of Austin Expo Center.


Ongoing In-Kind Donations of Pet Food and Supplies:

In addition to providing funds, and continuing to assess the funding needs going forward, PetSmart Charities is coordinating deliveries of pet food and supplies to organizations working in the trenches. By week’s end, the nonprofit will have delivered more than 110,000 pounds, or 55 tons, of pet food donated through PetSmart’s philanthropic Buy A Bag, Give A Meal* program and coordinated at least 10 truckloads of pet supplies, including crates, collars, leashes and pet beds and kitty litter to the affected areas.


Supporting Animal Welfare Organizations on the Ground:

If you are an animal welfare organization spearheading rescue, relief and recovery efforts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, please visit to apply for an emergency relief grant from PetSmart Charities. 


How You Can Support PetSmart Charities’ Emergency Relief Efforts:

If you would like to support PetSmart Charities’ emergency relief efforts, like those underway in Texas, please consider making a donation at the PIN pads located at the cash registers of every PetSmart store or online at


For more information on PetSmart Charities, please visit




*Ends 12/31/17.  5 oz. dog food, 1.5 oz. cat food donated to PetSmart Charities to feed dogs and cats in need.  See details at  The actual number of meals donated is based on dog and cat food bags sold.  The meal donation estimate is based on historic sales for similar time periods. No guaranteed amount. Rescue Bank and Feeding America will help distribute a large portion of the pet food donation in the U.S., while four large animal welfare agencies will distribute it in Canada.


About PetSmart Charities®
PetSmart Charities, Inc. is a nonprofit animal welfare organization with a mission to find lifelong, loving homes for all pets by supporting programs and thought leadership that bring people and pets together.  In addition to finding homes for almost 500,000 shelter pets each year through its in-store adoption program in all PetSmart stores across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, PetSmart Charities provides funding to non-profits aligned with its mission through four key areas of grant support:  Preventing Pet Homelessness; Helping Shelter Pets Thrive; Supporting the Bond Between People and Pets; and Emergency Relief and Disaster Support. Each year, millions of generous PetSmart shoppers help pets in need by donating to PetSmart Charities using the pin pads at checkout registers inside PetSmart stores.  In turn, PetSmart Charities efficiently uses 90 cents of every dollar donated and has become the leading funder of animal welfare in North America, donating about $300 million to date. PetSmart Charities, a 501(c)(3) organization, has received the Four Star Rating from Charity Navigator, an independent organization that reports on the effectiveness, accountability and transparency of nonprofits, for the past 14 years in a row -- placing it among the top one percent of charities rated by this organization.  To learn more visit

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