Rescue Waggin'®

Help us move unwanted dogs to places where they're in demand

Shelter worker prepares dog for transport.Location is everything: Some cities have too many homeless dogs and puppies; others have waiting adopters.

So every day, the PetSmart Charities® Rescue Waggin’® program picks up selected dogs and puppies from partner shelters in areas where there are more dogs and puppies than can be placed through adoption. Then we transport them to places where they get adopted, often within days.

In fact, the Rescue Waggin' program has helped save the lives of more than 100,000 dogs and puppies since we started it in 2004.

Won't you join us?

Become a Rescue Waggin' shelter

When you become a Rescue Waggin' shelter, you’ll be on the road to saving more dogs and puppies. Your agency can become a destination (receiving) shelter or a source (transporting) shelter.

Destination (receiving) shelter

Do you have more potential adopters than pets?

Become a destination shelter. You'll receive dogs and puppies that have been vaccinated, de-wormed and behaviorally assessed from shelters in other regions and you'll place them in new homes in your community.

FileRescue Waggin Source-Destination Application


Source (transporting) shelter

Do you have more pets than potential adopters?

Become a source shelter. We'll pick up dogs and puppies that meet our program's health and behavior requirements from your shelter and move them to a shelter where they're in demand.

Your shelter will become eligible to apply for invitational lifesaving grants. And your staff members will receive training and mentoring on the best practices in sheltering operations, development, adoption, community programming and humane transport.

 Rescue Waggin Source-Destination Application

Questions? Please email us.


  “Being a part of the Petsmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ means that we now have a partner in saving pets that handles getting the pets to us so we can concentrate on getting pets in need great homes.  They help us to know we are working with great partners that are solving the overpopulation in source communities, getting the pets to us so we can help them to reach their goal, and help us to open up our doors to help more pets”.
              -- Sheryl Blancato, Executive Director, Second Chance Animal Shelter, East Brookfield, Mass.