Keeping Pets & Families Together

Keeping Pets & Families Together

This grant is dedicated to providing support through life’s toughest moments by creating resources for families facing homelessness, victims and survivors of domestic violence, and/or military leave that would enable them to keep their pet.

PetSmart Charities provides grants to keep families and pets together

Acceptable requests for this category include the following programs that support pets owned by impacted individuals or families:

  • Building/increasing space* within homeless shelters to house pets
  • Building/increasing space* within domestic violence shelters to house pets
  • Animal welfare organizations creating additional space* to house pets
  • Subsidized pet boarding and/or veterinary services 
  • Pet food pantries

*Modifications under $50,000. PetSmart Charities considers project costs higher than $50,000 to be Capital.

This grant category is now closed.
Check back in 2018 for new funding opportunities.