Pet Transport


Pet Transport

Pet Transport

April 2 - April 30

Grant awards will support the relocation of animals from areas in North America with significant pet overpopulation (Source Shelters) to locations where the adoption demand exceeds the availability of pets in shelters (Destination Shelters).

PetSmart Charities provides grants for pet transport

Grant Application Considerations

  • Collaborative efforts that involve multiple partners utilizing sustainable transport networks relocating at least 1,500 pets annually (U.S.) or 500 pets (Canada)
  • Transport programs that provide a financial or in-kind resource exchange from the destination shelter to source shelter
  • Direct transport costs including gas, travel expenses (e.g. hotel, food)
  • Transport staffing costs (e.g. driver, coordinator)
  • Multi-use small transport vehicles
  • Transport supplies including crates and carriers
  • Transportation preparation including vaccines and health certificates (Source Shelters only)
  • Extenuating medical for transported pets (Destination Shelters only)
  • Requests to support more than 50% of a transport program’s costs including vehicle acquisition, preparation, medical, staffing, supplies, travel costs and administrative overhead
  • Requests for infrastructure or vehicles over $100,000
  • Requests that support transport to individuals. Ownership transfer must be at the organizational level.
  • Applications from foster based rescues
  • Applications for on-going transport operations that do not include plans for capacity building and sustainability
  • Destination shelters in which the resource exchange is only the acceptance of transported pets
  • Source shelters that support limited admissions
  • Source shelters with no other intake reduction programs
  • Transport for diversity of population only (age, breed, etc.)
This grant category is currently closed

If you have any questions or experience difficulties in the submission process, please contact us directly at grants[at]petsmartcharities[dot]org

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