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Preserving Families in At-Risk Scenarios

Preserving Families: Keeping Pets and People Together

April 3 - April 24

PetSmart Charities provides grants for Preserving Families in At-Risk Scenarios

Purpose of category:

This grant will support programs that facilitate interventions for people and their pets at the point of imminent relinquishment or separation. The intervention takes place at a pivotal point of transition for the human, that will risk the bond between human and animal. The interventions have an identifiable time frame, such as short-term sheltering, may be co-located with a pet or human service agency, and provide a temporary service.

Types of animals served:

Any owned companion animal. These are animals that are kept primarily for a person’s companionship.

Applicants should include one or more of the following:

  • Time frame: Pet sheltering for short-term/identifiable time frame
  • Urgency: Housing for moments of acute crises
  • Partnerships and collaboration: Programs that involve collaborative partnerships between social services, animal welfare and/or for profit organizations
  • Leveraged infrastructure: Co-housing that supports shelter for people and their pets or repurposed space in an animal shelter
  • Data collection: Programs that are unique and innovative that have strong data collection and can build an example for other organizations

Grant Category FAQs

  • Domestic abuse
  • Deployment
  • Incarceration
  • Hospitalization/medical treatment/hospice care
  • Housing crisis/housing transition/emergency homelessness sheltering
  • Food insecurity programs
  • Medical interventions/access to affordable care (unless necessary as part of emergency sheltering - e.g. vaccinations or S/N)
  • Transitional or long-term housing which would fall under systematic programs
  • Angel Funds

Who can apply:

  • Open application to animal welfare organizations, government entities, or human social service agencies
This grant category is currently closed and will open April 3, 2019

If you have any questions or experience difficulties in the submission process, please contact us directly at grants[at]petsmartcharities[dot]org

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