Spay/Neuter Clinic Equipment Grants

Get funds to buy tools to open or expand your community clinic supporting both high-volume spay neuter and preventative care services.

Spay Neuter Clinic Equipment GrantsOpening or expanding a community clinic? Get help covering the cost of equipment and materials with a clinic equipment grant from PetSmart CharitiesTM.

What we fund

Our clinic equipment grants fund clinics that:

  • Plan to perform or expand by a high number of sterilizations — at least 5,000 surgeries a year.
  • Have a population of 250,000 or more people within a 60-mile radius
  • Plan to perform a high number of preventative care services for underserved areas of your community – at least 7,000 annually. 
  • Conduct at least 75 % of sterilizations on owned pets, with a primary focus on underserved communities and free-roaming cats. Shelter and foster pets may not make up more than 25% of the surgeries.
  • Underserved communities are areas where pet parents lack access to basic services, from spay neuter, preventative care, pet supplies etc. 

These grants cover the costs of:

  • Medical and office equipment necessary to open or expand a high-quality, high-volume, stationary or mobile spay/neuter clinic. Get a list of equipment you may need to get started.
  • Materials and supplies — such as suture material, gloves, glue and drugs — necessary to operate for up to 3 months
  • Travel for staff members to receive training. 
  • Capital Expense may be considered depending on the scale and focus of your program. 

What we DON'T fund

Our spay/neuter clinic equipment grants do NOT cover the costs of equipment and supplies that:

  • Have already been ordered or purchased. Do not order equipment until you have received funding.
  • Replace or update existing items to maintain your current number of surgeries.
  • Are meant to serve primarily shelter or foster animals.

What we’ll need from you

After you receive funding, you'll need to provide data for at least 36 months to help us measure the success of your program. We'll ask for information about surgeries broken down by:

  • Species
  • Gender
  • ZIP code
  • Age
  • Weight.

We may ask for other details as well.

Do you qualify?

Before you apply for our spay/neuter clinic equipment grants, please make sure you have:

  • Leased or purchased your building
  • Nearly completed your building renovations
  • Reserved $35,000 or 3 months of operating funds
  • Been performing at least 75% of surgeries on owned pets or free-roaming cats.

If you're following the Humane Alliance or other model program, you need to apply for and get accepted into their mentorship program and be ready to schedule your training before applying for our spay/neuter clinic equipment grants.

How to apply

1. Get ready. Take the first steps toward your spay/neuter clinic equipment grants:

2. Get set. After we receive your pre-application, plan to:

  • Discuss your clinic plans with a PetSmart Charities program manager.
  • Submit a business plan and 12-month budget detailing how you'll develop a self-sustaining clinic.

3. Go. Once we've confirmed your eligibility, you'll receive details on how to apply for the grant.

  • Apply about 6 months before opening. We accept applications year-round.

How our funding has helped Altered Tails Spay/Neuter Clinic in Phoenix, Ariz.:

 “The opportunity to receive a PetSmart Charities clinic grant was pivotal in making low-cost spay/neuter surgeries a reality for our community. People want to do what is best for their pets, but in many cases it is a question of affordability. This grant allows us to meet this need locally and reduce our pet overpopulation. We're grateful to PetSmart Charities and proud to be a partner in saving lives.”

— Pam Comer, president, Pet Refuge/ABC Clinic; Granger, Ind.