Our Combined Impact

Together, we've saved millions of pets


PetSmart Charities®, with the help of our local animal welfare partners, saves more pets' lives than any other charity. Together, we have:


  • Found homes for more than 6 million dogs and cats
  • Spayed or neutered more than 2 million pets
  • Prevented an estimated 7.5 million unplanned pet births
  • Rescued more than 230,000 pets from natural or man-made disasters
  • Saved the lives of more than 70,000 dogs and puppies by moving them from places with too many homeless pets to places where loving families are waiting for pets.

Let's become partners

Whether you're focused on sterilizing free-roaming cats, rescuing pets from puppy mills or cat hoarders or finding new homes for abandoned pets, you can find a partner in PetSmart Charities. Learn more about our: