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I adopted my fur baby Sunday July 23, 2017- I was told multiple lies about her, that she was 6 years old and has no medical issues, is very healthy and has a minor rash from over breeding. I was told that she had just been groomed by a groomer and that their vet had checked her out and claimed the above. The following day I spent with her observing her, I gave her a bath because she smelled. I also noticed she was continuously scratching and her butt (where her "rash" was) does not look like a rash at all. I noticed a lot of scabbing and abrasions on her belly, noticed her nails were not cut and started to wonder if her glands were done and that was her problem. I googled the issues I was observing and came up with impacted anal glands and hot spots. I reached out to the organization who again told me she was checked by their vet, she's 6 years old and I'm great health other than her rash. I began looking through the paper work, and the major red flags were apparent, according to the Pasadena animal shelter she is 12 years old has been treated for heart worms which was never disclosed. I decided I need to have her checked out so Tuesday am I scheduled her an appt, unfortunately we were not seen until Wednesday (yesterday) afternoon. The vet looked at her pushing on her belly, found a mass tumor on her upper left abdomen that feels like a rock inside her, she has major skin infection and impacted anal glands, he furthermore confirmed she is 10 years old and due to the extent of the impact Jon she must have surgery to have them sliced open and drained, be put on antibiotics for her skin infection caused by the impacted glands and needs to have this tumor surgically removed and a biopsy ran due to it being cancerous- my estimate $950+ I reached out to the organization and let them know, all that was said is that it would be discussed with the board, I want my donation back so I can apply it to her medical costs. I am NOT giving her back, because clearly she did not get the adequate medical attention she needed, I do not believe she was inspected by a vet other than when she received her spading and shots at the animal shelter. Regardless I will not allow her to suffer, she has suffered enough! I think it is only fair that I receive her donation back to help pay for her surgery costs! The scam that is being pulled is cruel and selfish.... my advice is beware of instances like this one, it is rare but possible... she is happy at home with my son and I, and now having owned her for 72 hours I have spent $500 on donation and supplies for her and now looking at an additional $950 in surgical costs!