St Thomas / St Johns Humane Society Emergency Relief Team

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Dear ------- (another donation),
We spoke before, but I am passionate enough to beg for help for the US citizens and pets that are being forgotten. They have to resort to social media to get the word out of the dire circumstances. I hope we can help.
Thank you,

Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 9:18 AM
Subject: NEED HELP!

Dearest Colleagues,
I am acting as the VA liaison for the St Thomas / St Johns Humane Society Emergency Services team. I’ve been in direct contact with the director, who was literally just put into this position because of the dire need down there. I was scheduled to go down to St Johns on 9/24, but the director of the Coordinated Emergency Services for all of the relief organizations in their district said that they can’t handle any more people. They are struggling to support the federal relief workers and displaced residents. Electricity is intermittent, and food is scarce. Generators are supporting people, with the infrastructure that’s gone.

The pets are displaced as well. They will become sick, with some already hurt. THEY NEED OUR HELP! Please, if there’s anything Sentara can donate as far as medical supplies, it would be put to a good and humane use immediately. The list includes:
1. Medical equipment
2. IV fluids
3. Bandages
4. Blankets
5. Rags for wiping and cleaning
6. Cleaning supplies – including the heavy yellow rubber cleaning gloves
7. Fuel for the generators
8. Generators
9. Absorbent pads that are put under the patients, or for incontinence

WE CAN DO THIS! They need you help to get to a point where they can be transported by military transport to the states for adoption.
Blessings to all,

Nancy A Krohn, CCS, CPMA, CPC, CCP