The black cat who found me.

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On December 23rd 2018, we received word that we were approved to adopt at the Dallas Humane Society. Caroline, an amazing gal who met us to introduce us to the cats, was so personable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. She allowed us to meet many cats but one found comfort in my lap when I sat down to contemplate what cat to adopt. We had come with a list after reading some bios, however, this lil’ 9 month old black female took respite in my arms and I fell in love. She had been living on a construction site with her Mom and 6 siblings and a caring man had brought them to the shelter when they were discovered. Anyway, we adopted number 4 of 6. Two still need loving homes. We are so blessed to have crossed the threshold of the wonderful Dallas Humane Society. Why? Because they care and provide a beautiful holding point for animals waiting to be adopted. And we found the most docile, friendly, and loving cat. Moreover, we met dedicated, professional, and caring people who love these animals until they are adopted. This matters. The demeanor of our cat evinces that love and nurturing is provided. Please adopt. Caroline, who helped us, deserves so much praise for instilling gentleness and love towards the animals....and we are benefiting from her kindness as our adopted cat is an absolute gem! We are the lucky ones. We discovered the Dallas Humane Society and a forever friend, our black cat Poppy.