The Rowdy Kitten

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Last Chance Animal Rescue, Inc.
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So we had 2 cats and our old guy, Dale 14 years old passed away June 14th of this year. I wanted to get another, so that our 5 year old, Harley, would have someone to play with.I started looking in the local shelter, and none of them got my attention. I stopped by after work at the Arundel Mills Petsmart, just to take a look. The kittens were all out as there were some ladies picking out a kitten to adopt. Max was out and attacking and playing with all the other kittens. He was very rowdy and seemed very playful. When they put the kittens back in their cages, he immediately started trying to attack the other kitten in the cage and was running around playing. I put my hand up to the glass and he started playing with me. After the other ladies were done, I had the store employee let me go in to meet him. As soon as I got him out of the cage, he climbed on my shoulder and started purring and gave me a kiss. I knew he belonged with us. I filled out my adoption papers and received a call that night that I was approved and picked him up the next day. When I went in the back to get him out, he meowed, purred and licked me again. He came home and acted like he was always there and it was his home. He wasn't scared of our 5 year old cat, our 2 year old Basset Hound or our 4 year old grand daughter. He was meant to be with us. And his favorite spot is still my shoulder and he purrs all the time. We love our Max and are so glad we were able to find him