Trying to adopt SASSY

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Ashley Pride

Hi, we have a very sad story to share. We are two suitable parents who already have a cat. He has all of his shots and tests completed. We had a home visit with the owner of freedom mutts and he has refused to let us adopt this animal, we believe he may be keeping her for himself. This is no way to run an adoption agency and we do not have any answers. I see she is still up for adoption and we would like to rescue her from a home with 6 cats that she was being held in before. This is inhumane towards her and us and we just want the cat we were told we were able to adopt after a week of running around matching this persons demands. He cannot get away with treating people and animals like this. Please help! She is also registered as an emotional support animal and he is keeping her from me. I've been extremely upset and my fiance is extremely hurt as we have done NOTHING wrong.