Two Cats and a Tortoise

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These are my babies! The Tortoise is 4 years old and his name Cecil, the white and black cat is 12 years old and his name is Lucky and the multi-dark colored cat- she is my 22 year old Amore. My brother brought Amore home one day and a few years later my sister brought Lucky home. My parents ended up with them after both siblings moved away and I after my mothers passing. Cecil was a pet my brother purchased for his daughter but he was out of town so often for work and I was the baby sitter all the time. We agreed it'd be best for him to stay with me. Still my nieces pet! He will be hers one day when I pass! See my brother thought he was buying a turtle off Craigslist. When in reality it is a Sulcata Tortoise (he needs to stop getting animals- ha). My life is better with them in it. The Amore and Lucky wait for me at the door to greet me when I come home and at their dishes in the morning when I wake...yelling at me to hurry up! It's breakfast time! Cecil when he was little would be up and waiting in his habitat as well for his breakfast. Now he is up and ready for his food in his outside enclosure- he's loving it outside! Such individual personalities that make me laugh and love them so very much. I'm blessed to have these babies in my life!