Welcoming our new family member

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Growing up, my family always had dogs....specifically, pure bred dogs from breeders. Like many people, my parents had this stigma that shelter dogs are in the shelter for a reason, typically behavioral problems.

After I graduated with my masters and finally got a full time job, my fiancé and I knew that the first thing we needed to do was adopt a dog. We wanted to give a pup a second chance, and of course, spoil them to no end. We looked for weeks and weeks at different shelters in the area and adoption agencies. Finally we stumbled across Love of Labs, Indiana. This amazing organization takes Labs and lab mixes out of shelters across the country and puts them in foster homes until they can find their forever home. After several weeks of applications, phone interviews and home interviews, it was simply a matter of waiting for our potential dogs profile to be posted online. Naturally, I was checking the website obsessively, waiting for new dogs to be posted. Late one night a little black lab mix was posted online. He was from a shelter in Kentucky and seemed like the perfect fit for us. Small, but not too small, active, and a little over a year old. I knew we had to have him. I emailed the adoption coordinator and the following week we had a meet and greet set up. It was love at first sight. 3 days later I picked him up and the rest has been history. Our boy Sully has been with us for a month now and has changed our lives for the better in a million different ways. The amount of love that he shares is incredible. Although it took some time for him to adjust, he is so comfortable and happy in his new home. Watching him learn and grow is so rewarding; it is truly like watching a child grow up.

Although we did have some behavioral and fear issues, it was pretty easily corrected with dog classes and patience. It's hard to imagine the stress that our little guy must have endured, and at such a young age.

Sully is the best part of our little family and I am SO glad we chose to adopt him. It's hard to believe that ANYONE would have given this sweet boy up, but honestly I'm glad they did so that we have the chance to spoil him and love him for the next 10+ years.