Adoption Events Shorten the Path Between Shelters and Forever Homes

Bringing pets closer to adoptive families

Dog adopted at Phoenix event.It was clear Cora’s life had been hard. Her eyes had no sparkle. The miniature schnauzer huddled in the corner of her pen, shaking in fear.

She was recently rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia. Until then, her only purpose in life was to have puppies.

Then Scott F. walked into a busy PetSmart Charities™ Adoption Event and changed Cora’s life forever. Now Cora is learning how to be a dog who runs, plays and loves.

Before Scott adopted Cora, she was just one of an estimated 7 million homeless pets living in shelters in North America. Nearly 3 million of these cats and dogs never get adopted.

That’s why on any given weekend you’ll find a variety of PetSmart Charities-sponsored adoption events going on at PetSmart® stores, local fairgrounds and other busy locations. We find lifelong, loving homes for more than 500,000 pets every year.

Connecting pets and adoptive families

Adoption events provide a fresh look at furry faces by folks who may not make the trip to an animal shelter. Getting homeless pets in front of more people means better chances to find them adoptive families.

  • PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekends. Four times per year we bring together thousands of U.S., Canadian and Puerto Rican local animal welfare groups to host adoption events at more than 1,600 PetSmart stores. 
  • Weekend adoption events. Local animal welfare groups get great visibility for their adoptable pets when they hold events at PetSmart stores. These events find homes for thousands of pets each year.
  • Community-wide adoption events. Pets from multiple shelters come together in one big community event. PetSmart Charities provides funding for advertising and rental fees for tents and tables. Events like these result in hundreds of adoptions. 

More than 500,000 homeless pets find their forever homes every year through PetSmart Charities Adoption Events and Adoption Centers.

Together, we can find a lifelong, loving home for every pet.