Saving Lives One Trip at a Time

PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ gives dogs the ride of their lives

Dog transported aboard the Rescue Waggin' pet transport programIt’s as simple as the law of supply and demand. Some areas of the country have more dogs and puppies than they can handle. But, in other areas there are also lots of shelters eager for more adoptable pets.

That’s where PetSmart Charities™ Rescue Waggin’® program steps in to save thousands of lives every year.

The Rescue Waggin’ program relocates homeless pets from shelters in overpopulated communities to adoption centers in areas where dogs and puppies are in high demand.

And it works. Since the program started in 2004, we’ve transported over 100,000 dogs.

Support from beginning to end

The Rescue Waggin’ program works closely with shelters to make sure pets get the right care before, during and after trips.

  • Shelters sending pets on the Rescue Waggin’ vehicle receive ongoing mentoring, support and training from PetSmart Charities program managers.
  • Participating shelters can also apply for funds to help improve operations, increase adoptions and expand spay/neuter services.

Road-tested pet transport

The Rescue Waggin’ program is the largest pet transport program in the U.S. Specially equipped vehicles are positioned throughout the country and operate in 25 states. Rescue Waggin’ vehicles log thousands of miles every month in an effort to put dogs on the road to finding forever homes.

Since 2004, the Rescue Waggin’ program has saved over 100,000 dogs.