Preventing Litters Tackles Pet Overpopulation at the Source

Increasing access to spay/neuter services key to reducing unplanned births

Dog prepares for spay/neuter surgery.A car pulls up to an animal shelter and someone quickly unloads a box full of puppies or kittens. It’s the litter of a beloved family pet.

This scene plays out multiple times every day. What do we end up with? An estimated 7 million pets who do not have homes — every year. Nearly 3 million of these pets are euthanized because there simply aren’t enough homes.

PetSmart Charities® knows this is a problem with a cure. Increased spay/neuter services prevent litters, reducing pet overpopulation from the start. We have subsidized more than 1.4 million spay or neuter surgeries since 2009.

Here’s how we help:

  • Programs. Access to spay/neuter services is made easier and more affordable through programs that help pet parents, animal welfare groups and nonprofit veterinary clinics.
  • Clinics. Our grants help new and existing clinics expand their ability to spay or neuter more pets.
  • Education. We fund spay/neuter training for veterinarians, veterinary students, clinic staff and animal welfare groups to increase the availability of services throughout the country. 

 We can reduce the homeless pet population by preventing unplanned litters. 

We have subsidized more than 1.4 million spay/neuter surgeries since 2009.