A Hole in my Heart

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While helping a friend stage her house for sale, we saw a little dog walking down the middle of a busy street - this began my 7 years with Jojo - a little shitzu/yorkie. The love and companionship this little dog gave me is a story in itself. "Sweet" doesn't begin to describe the personality of this dog and I can't imagine anyone abandoning her. She was with me for 7 years. Her last two years she had various illnesses and she died at 10 of cancer. A hole was left in my heart - my house was empty and incomplete. Since I had rescued Jojo, I decided to devote myself to rescuing another dog. My world was opened up to the greatest groups of people who selflessly open their homes and their time to strays, unwanted, homeless pets - the saddest sights were the realty of puppy mill dogs. Dogs who had spent their entire lives in cages - no idea they were supposed to interact - legs bent from lying in cages. During my search, patience was the biggest problem. In four months I was approved at seven rescues but had hardly seen a dog - principly because I wanted a little dog and only certain breeds. But just like everyone told me, I got out of my car one day at a Pet Smart meet and greet and saw another dog get out with their foster and knew it was the one for me. Pono, now Buddy, a 3 year old shitzu mix, has come into my home and into my life forever. I can't thank New Beginnings Shitzu Rescue enough - but I can't thank all the rescues and fosters enough. Through their efforts a hole in my heart is full. You can't imagine the happiness you have given me.