History of PetSmart Charities®

20 Years of Saving Lives

1988 – 2000: A radical vision to save the lives of pets

1988: Committed to helping save lives, PetFood Warehouse (now known as PetSmart®) stores work with local animal welfare groups to hold fundraising and pet adoption events. In 1989, PetFood Warehouse becomes PETsMART.

PetSmart Charities Luv A Pet Adoption Center

1994: PETsMART Charities, Inc. (now known as PetSmart Charities®) forms as an independent, nonprofit organization.
PETsMART partners with PETsMART Charities to help save the lives of homeless pets.

1999: PETsMART Charities of Canada (now known as PetSmart Charities® of Canada) is established as a separate registered charity in Canada.

2000 – 2010: A decade of milestones and emerging programs

2001: PETsMART Charities celebrates the 1 millionth pet to find a home through its in-store program — Elise, a retriever mix, is adopted by the Bradford family in Lexington, Ky.

2004: The organization begins funding Humane Alliance in their work to mentor staff at spay/neuter clinics nationwide.

Rescue Waggin PetSmart Charities Dog Transport

The first PETsMART Charities Rescue Waggin’® program becomes the largest pet transport program in the U.S., ultimately saving over 100,000 lives by moving dogs from areas with pet overpopulation to shelters in areas where adoptable dogs are in demand.

The Armstrong family of O’Fallon, Ill., becomes pet parents to PETsMART Charities’ 2 millionth adopted pet, Louie, a beagle mix. 

PetSmart Storefront

2005: PETsMART, PETsMART Charities and PETsMART Charities of Canada change their names to PetSmart, PetSmart Charities and PetSmart Charities of Canada.

PetSmart Charities provides more than $10 million in grants to animal welfare organizations.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita prompt PetSmart Charities to grant $3.5 million to more than 151 animal welfare agencies affected by the storms.

Two years later, PetSmart Charities introduces its emergency relief program, which sends trucks loaded with supplies such as bowls, leashes and food to affected areas across the continental U.S.

2007: Littleton, Colo., hosts PetSmart Charities’ 3 millionth pet adoption.
Winchester, a border collie mix, finds his forever home with the Aukamp family.

2010: PetSmart Charities opens its first Dog and Cat Everyday Adoption Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Dogs and cats stay at the facility 24/7 until they are adopted.

PetSmart Charities of Canada adopts out its 100,000th pet, a calico kitten named Calli, to the Wiggins family of Thornton, Ontario.

Chloe, a collie mix in Rockaway, N.J., is adopted by the Jancarek family and becomes PetSmart Charities’ 4 millionth pet adoption.

2011 – Present: Working together to save lives

2011: PetSmart Charities dispatches 23 Emergency Relief Waggin’® vehicles — each stocked with 16 tons of lifesaving cargo worth $80,000 — to Memphis, Tenn., and Joplin, Mo., to help pets affected by spring and summer
tornadoes and floods. The deployment assists more than 8,000 injured and displaced pets in 9 states.

PetSmart Charities is named a partner in the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition (NARSC) to find collaborative solutions to major human-animal emergency issues.

PetSmart Charities rolls out new national grant programs, called “Beat the Heat” and “Primp Your Pit.” The month-long campaigns help spay/neuter clinics fix 10,000 female cats and pit bull terriers.

Dawn, a senior golden retriever, becomes the 50,000th dog to be transported via the Rescue Waggin’ program. She is adopted within days at a destination shelter in Boulder, Colo.

2012: PetSmart Charities marks its 5 millionth pet adoption, a husky named Dodge, adopted by George Little in Boynton Beach, Fla.

Bagging pet food for Hurricane Sandy victims

The PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief program provides lifesaving supplies to more than 60,000 pets affected by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, New York and West Virginia.

PetSmart Charities granted $2 million to a new animal welfare coalition to reduce euthanasia in Phoenix.

family holds cat

2014: PetSmart Charities marks its 6 millionth adoption,
a kitten named Missy June. She's welcomed into her new forever home
with the Johnson family in Neptune, New Jersey.