Adoption Can Mend a Broken Heart

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New York
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When my 2 youngest children moved out of the house within weeks of each other, I was extremely sad. I also missed my daughter's dog, Minnie, who left with my daughter. It was the saddest summer of my life. I knew I needed someone to love and nurture so I started to look for a small dog to rescue and give a loving/safe home to. I found Wilson at Beacon Animal Rescue in Upper Township NJ. Wilson quickly became a part of our family - even Minnie started to warm up to her new furry friend! My sadness went away and life was good again!
After almost 4 years of being an only dog, I decided that Wilson needed a sibling. I started looking for another small dog, hopefully another Yorkie, to rescue. I came across Charlotte on PetFinder and quickly applied to adopt her. Three days later we drove to the Staten Island PetSmart where we met Charlotte and fell in love and within a couple of hours she was ours. That was 4 months ago and she has blended in nicely with out little family unit. I am so in love with my rescued dogs and adoption is the ONLY way to go! I know I will adopt again and look forward to that day. I have plenty of love in my mended heart!