Save a Life, Adopt a Shelter Pet

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Three adopters share their stories and hope to inspire yours


adopt a shelter dog


Sydney always knew she wanted a four-legged friend of her very own. But, as a busy college student and athlete, she planned on waiting until after college graduation before taking on the big responsibility. As her graduation day approached, Sydney's mom, Suzi, took her on a surprise trip to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay where Sydney fell in love with Henry the minute she laid eyes on him. The sweet chocolate lab mix proved to be the companion Sydney always wanted. But, she never expected he'd provide the emotional support she didn't know she needed.

Watch how Sydney and Henry changed each other's lives for the better.



adopt a shelter pet



This little guy, Cudi, was adopted at our February National Adoption Weekend. His parents said it was love at first sight. He was the perfect combination of cuddly and playful - they knew he was the one. They have always been dog lovers and they knew adoption was the right move for them. We can tell Cudi is going to be so loved in his forever home!




adopt a shelter cat


These two special needs kitties, Pip & Squeak, have found forever homes! At a very young age, Squeak had to have both of his eyes removed, while Pip lost one. After the surgeries, Pip quickly learned how to be Squeak's eyes for her. She helped guide her to the litter box, helped her eat, and even play. She was her protector. They have been through a lot together, and it is so special to see them staying together in their loving, forever home.



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