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March 23, 2019
My name is Darlene Bateman, I was recently married 7 months ago and moved from California to Texas. When when we moved, my dog “Roxy” had to leave her a best friend (... Read more
March 22, 2019
My friend died in 2018 and I inherited 5 of his rescue cats. I had 3 of my own and it has been a trial because I was in two back to back serious accidents one being... Read more
March 13, 2019
Their Love Inspired Me It was not until I had reached a mature age that I experienced the amazing and pure love a dog can give. I suspect this unconditional form of... Read more
March 4, 2019
Marley was adopted in Texas from the Gulf Coast Humane Society in 2016 at around 2 years old. He had recently completed his heartworm treatment. He is a cheerful pup and... Read more
March 1, 2019
Blue was given to me she came in a better time I have anxiety problems and I have a medical conditions I am clinically depressed I have Crohn's disease and anxiety... Read more
February 27, 2019
Eight years ago i had gotten Angel as a 3month old puppy and at that time i was suffering from a back injury and couldn't walk since then I have adopted Ginger and also... Read more
February 26, 2019
My story is about Maggie, my beautiful Golden Retriever. I was on my way to a graduation party over Memorial Day weekend in May, 2010. On my way, I drove by a Shelter... Read more
February 25, 2019
I was walking by all the crates w/ puppies and kittens and one beautiful pup let out a bark when I passed by and put her paw on the crate. I gave her a few pats on the... Read more
February 25, 2019
I am the author. The book is illustrated by the artist Beverly Behrends. Proceeds go to support animal rescue. Grant money allows for book donations to Title One... Read more
February 23, 2019 Here is the information about our puppy. Bless his heart. Lets make sure and get him home soln by offering a reward. Please Support our... Read more
February 22, 2019
I had recently lost my fur baby to cancer & was luck y enough to find a new love quickly. I found a rescue group online & heard the story of Minnow. He was a 5... Read more
February 22, 2019
I love cats and have been without one for too long. Due to my situation which is a story in its self. In a nut shell being Homeless it is not the way I'd like to have... Read more
February 22, 2019
I cannot imagine our lives without Henry. He is the most loving snugglebug, although he can be a bit pushy with his pets, licks, and headbutts. I would expect nothing... Read more
February 21, 2019
My story starts with the in the photo with me his name was Buddy. I found him in the newspaper called the wasn't really expecting to get a dog at that time but went to... Read more
February 21, 2019
The dog had a metal chain around his neck and was a bout to die if someone didnt save 3 day old puppy
February 19, 2019
With Zada it was love at first site across the parking lot. The adoption bus is often set up at the Petsmart near my house. Every time I see it, I always drive by to... Read more
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