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May 27, 2017
I drove a school bus for awhile. One dark Monday morning, while picking up 7 kids, a puppy also got on my bus. We put the pup out and continued on our route. Tuesday... Read more
May 8, 2017
Recently we relocated states and I was lonely and depressed. I was having trouble leaving the house alone, but when we adopted our shelter dog from Pee Wees at Petsmart... Read more
May 8, 2017
After the passing of my dog Skippy and my grand dog Bonez I decided I was ready to start looking and already knew I would be adoption for sure. I looked every day just... Read more
May 6, 2017
My best friend back home in Hendersonville, NC named Tony Ramirez passed away from a heart attack at age 34 yrs old, leaving behind a little girl named Bella and a 5 yr... Read more
April 30, 2017
Wednesday was her name when we brought her home but we soon changed it when she greeted us at the door each day! Lucy became her new name so when we walked in the... Read more
April 29, 2017
My son was working in Paris Texas tearing down ole bulidings & the backhoe men accidentily killed what they thought was a rabid raccoon, to only find she was... Read more
April 24, 2017
HOPE the German Shepard was found abused. She had too many litters so she was thrown on the side of the road. She was found and brought to a rescue. They watched over... Read more
April 19, 2017
I drove to Petaluma because I heard there was a litter of Australian cattle dogs who were too small to work so were being given away. We finally found this farm and a... Read more
April 10, 2017
My cat of 15 years, Kittypuss, got seriously sick and could not be made better. On Feb 14 my husband & I had to make the saddest decision we had ever made. We... Read more
March 31, 2017
We picked Wilbur on an online adoption. We knew from just his photo that he was ours... Needless to say, he has made a great addition to the Simpson home!
March 31, 2017
In September of 2015, My mom and I adopted a dog from lollypop. At first we had planned on getting a Boston terrier from the Verona Street animal shelter, little did we... Read more
March 30, 2017
Pixel was rescued from an Amish Puppy Mill Farm by a local rescue group. I was fortunate enough to get her shortly thereafter. As a family, we have always rescued our... Read more
March 25, 2017
I was in a very lost place in my life and was a very lonely individual. Socially awkward, and would rather be at a movie, small dinner or at my home. I lived alone,... Read more
March 24, 2017
Tessie was 1 of 17 taken from a dog fighter. She was mainly used for breeding so her ears had been cut & her teeth all pulled out. Months at shelter until court... Read more
March 14, 2017
Found hairless and born on the street of Puerto Rico, an animal lover could not watch her suffering and brought her to a local vet to seek help. Second Chance Animal... Read more
March 9, 2017
Annie and her 5 fur kids joined Save1Pet in March of 2016. All the kids found homes but Annie still waited. She was high heartworm positive and most passed her over... Read more
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