Emergency Relief Grants

Get funding and supplies to help pet victims of disasters

Providing emergency relief suppliesWhen natural or man-made disaster strikes, your organization can get help delivering comfort and aid to pet victims from PetSmart Charities®. Our Emergency Relief Waggin’® trailers are ready to go to designated lead animal welfare agencies during a disaster.

Resources for your rescue efforts

Each Emergency Relief Waggin’ trailer comes stocked with $80,000 worth of supplies and equipment to help pets during a disaster. Emergency supplies and equipment include:

  • Crates
  • Bowls
  • Leashes and collars
  • Cat litter
  • Pet food.

We also send teams of specially trained volunteers to help unload supplies and set up temporary shelters. The result: Your organization can provide immediate care and relief to the pet victims.

When to call us for help

You can request funding and supplies to assist pets in these emergencies:

  • Large-scale natural or man-made disasters, such as hurricanes, fires and floods
  • Multiple-pet rescues from pet hoarders, puppy mills, and abusive situations

Request help now.