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Spay & Neuter

August 1 - August 29

Grant awards will support programs that prevent unplanned litters through subsidized spay/neuter services.

PetSmart Charities provides grants for Spay & Neuter

Grant Application Considerations

  • Spay/neuter programs or clinics that create access to spay/neuter services with a priority given to:
    • Regions with pet overpopulations (more pets than potential adopters)
    • Underserved human populations
  • Programs in municipal shelters to increase spay/neuter capacity for shelter pets
  • Large scale TNR efforts (over 500 animals annually) within a defined geographic parameter
  • Collaborative efforts supporting a community wide initiative
  • Individual blitz grants (must be a combined annual effort)
  • Shelter pet surgeries in private non-profit shelters without a municipal contract
  • Vaccine clinics without a spay/neuter component
  • Requests for infrastructure or vehicles over $100,000
This grant cateogry is currently closed and will open August 1, 2018

Grant Success Stories

Read the success stories made possible by our partners across North America

April 11, 2018
Students and Staff Deploy Mobile Clinic for Emergency Relief Efforts
March 16, 2018
The Margaret B. Mitchell Spay/Neuter Clinic of Bristol, Virginia received a grant of $60,000 from PetSmart Charities to support its spay/neuter and vaccination efforts and...