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Spay & Neuter

August 1 - August 31

Grant awards will support programs that prevent unplanned litters through subsidized spay/neuter services.

PetSmart Charities provides grants for Spay & Neuter

Grant Application Considerations

  • Spay/neuter programs or clinics that create access to spay/neuter services with a priority given to:
    • Regions with pet overpopulations (more pets than potential adopters)
    • Underserved human populations
  • Programs in municipal shelters to increase spay/neuter capacity for shelter pets
  • Large scale TNR efforts (over 500 animals annually in the US) within a defined geographic parameter
  • Collaborative efforts supporting a community wide initiative
  • Vet School spay/neuter and/or community medicine programs
  • Individual blitz grants (must be a combined annual effort)
  • Shelter pet surgeries in private non-profit shelters without a municipal contract
  • Vaccine clinics without a spay/neuter component
  • Requests for infrastructure or vehicles over $100,000
This grant category is CLOSED

If you have any questions or experience difficulties in the submission process, please contact us directly at grants[at]petsmartcharities[dot]org

Due to the large influx of applications, early submission is encouraged.