"Shadow Story" at 8 Months

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Pawmetto Lifeline, Inc
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South Carolina
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“Shadow Story” at 8 Months family member,

Wait what’s going on here it is dark and I remember going to sleep, now I can’t wake up. I am running as fast as I can but, it seems that nothing is happening. Oh no it’s that feeling again (I used to fall asleep then dream the bad times that I can’t forget, It was almost 3 or 4 times a week I would have the dreams over and over). Dad would come over and shake me to wake me up, in the beginning it was 3 or 4 times a week now, it happens 1 time a week. Dad and Mom call it nightmares first you need to understand my life by reading my story to make sense.

There was a time that I awoke each morning in a pen crammed, in sharing whatever there is for food if we are lucky it rained last night so we have water to drink. Although n walking out.

No box, just the three of us. No poles, ropes or anything else. They open a door on a truck and there are soft pads and a strap to keep me safe. Slowly they pick me up and carefully put me in. We drove for about 15 minutes and pulled up to a house and they carefully lifted me out, opened the door I seen, dog beds, in the other room bowls with water and food. The man walked me in a big back yard the lady gave me a purple lamb toy. When it was dark they said nite, nite. Don’t really know what that is but, they patted a thick bed and said here. I slept on the floor, when morning came it was dry, it was hot that night, they made it cool, I was thirsty and there was water in a bowl for me.

Mom and Dad say I am doing well, I get clean food / clean water, my beds are dry, I have a big box of toys and we play every night. Then Mom goes up to bed and Dad gets stuff ready for morning. He gets a pouch, puts in treats, a harness is strapped to my shoulders around my chest and Dad brings a light because he knows I don’t like the dark. Last night we walked and a big bush is near the road, something was there I seen It so I leaned on Dad to cross the street.

When we got back home Dad said great job, it’s been 8 months, dad and mom say this is home, I think I will keep them. My name is "Shadow" not Bryson.